Sign up your students for a true orientation experience!

•    Validate the competences of your students
•    Give them an incentive to stay at your school
•    Bring in your Alumni
•    A customized mentorship tool

A world of work constantly changing…


Your students have to take in an exponential volume of career information.
The “one job for life paradigm” does not hold up anymore.
Their first job will be more than just a simple position.


… That generates its bundle of new challenges

For your students

  • Career orientation is often not materialized enough during their education.
  • Often powerless in front of the growing quantity of courses available, the volume of information there is to analyze and digest.
  • It is hard to find THE Mentor to counsel them.

You, academic institution 


  • Spend a sizable amount of your budget in Marketing.
  • Invest a lot of time in your admission procedures.
  • Put a lot of efforts into keeping your students enrolled in your programs.

Our valuable proposal for your institution

For your Students:

  A Videoconference platform and direct messages to find and hold sessions with our Mentors worldwide or your Alumni in their field of interest.


•  Learn from the experience of our Mentors in order to make the right choices.


You, academic institution 



•    Access a database full of prospective students

•    A dedicated service

•    A career tool for your Alumni

•    A measurable Mentoring service


How does our offer work?

The flexibility of our platform allows you to either us your Alumni or our Mentors.


Your educational institution can also have access to profiles ranked depending on their relational skills, their soft skills.

Target the most relevant candidates in your communication strategy.

The success of the Papyrus mentorship is measurable after every session. Students and Mentor evaluate each other.

Our service Papyrus Edition follows you and allows you to reinforce dialogue with the youth and to make your brand image stronger.

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