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The choice of retraining



Professionally active or looking for a job, many of you are considering a reconversion.

Indeed, 60% of the workers that were interrogated have already known at least career change and 32% of workers are considering doing it in the coming years. “AFPA / OpinionWay”.

Whether this change is due to a will of finding a purpose and/or to feel useful in your job, this remains a tough and perilous path.

Thus, Papyrus is offering you the possibility to engage in conversations with experts in their field that will confront you when you will be selecting a job or a professional training adequate to the latter.









Retraining can be the result of:

A personal choice (lack of fulfillment in your current job)

Difficulties in finding a job within your line of business

An inability at your current position







Papyrus allows you, through Mentor exchanges, to discover a job, a professional environment, and a training path to engage in a peaceful and successful professional retraining.


We support you through your professional transformation in order for you to find coherence
and purpose in your daily life.


Together, let’s make work rhyme with fulfillment!