Parents! Offer to your kids a real tool for their orientation.

•  Participate in their video conference sessions with professional

•    Discover the interpersonal skills* of your children thanks to our Mentors’ feedback.

•    Become a patron alongside our Association Papyrus for a Global Education.


Your children are confronted with a world that is constantly changing…


They are drowned by the volume of information to digest.

The needs of a generation when it comes to professional fulfillment are changing: a career represents more than just a job but a meaning in life.

… That generates its bundle of new challenges!

Your children are

  • Often powerless and indecisive when it comes to the courses to chose
  • Often alone to create a career plan
  • Often anxious when it comes to making this choice that will shape the rest of their lives

You, Parents, are

  • Often hesitant when it comes to giving counsel due to a lack of knowledge or expertise
  •  Wish to back your arguments with those of real-life professionals working in various sectors of activity attentive to your concerns and those of your children.

The services we offer:

For your children


  • •    3 orientation programs with our teams.
    •    Explore relevant programs
    •    Meet professional that are fond of their jobs

For you Parents


  • •    A follow-up provided by a dedicated HR Papyrus team
    •    A concrete answer to your children
    •    Detailed feedback and summaries after each session with a Mentor.

How does the Papyrus Parent offer work?

Offer to your children a video chat with mentors who will help and guide them about their future by answering all of their questions.

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