How does Papyrus work for companies? 


By using Papyrus, your company offers to its collaborators, a video & discussion platform on which they can share their skills & competencies by giving training courses on the same single website and anywhere in the world. They can also provide job-tips to students, people going through a professional transition, or new collaborators.


The flexibility of the platform allows for sessions with people inside or outside of the company.


The Mentor-Menteez exchange stimulates personal appreciation and can thus be a useful tool for productivity gains.

To target relevant applicants, your company has also access to a database of profiles ranked depending on their interpersonal skills.


The successes of the Papyrus mentorship are quantifiable by the session.

Structural changes represent a new challenge for Human Resources.



A job for life now makes way for tailor-made contracts


Wellness at the workplace now rhyme with performance and efficiency

The responsible commitment pushes for a strategy of excellence




Engage your collaborator in a concrete HR tool

✔  Promote their soft skills

✔  Detect, promote, and keep your talents within the company


✔  Develop versatility, stimulate flexibility, and accompany the change





Your new need for:

Evaluation & Recruitment


  • Detect the competencies and the skills useful among your collaborators 
  • Evaluate the know-how and the soft skills
  • Manager the training courses intra/extra company and multi-sites
  • Attract and select the abilities useful to your company thanks to Mentorship

Corporate culture & professional development:


  • Set up a constant learning culture
  • Mentorship contributes to the workplace wellbeing, promote internal talents, and captures the profiles of tomorrow
  • Promote and participate in the professional development of your collaborators



Our valuable offers


The HR strategy accompanies the business development of the company



Evaluation of the soft skills by psychometric exams and through a video conference tool

Creation of an HR tool adapted to your company

Support for the yearly evaluations, a summary of competencies, a program matching the values of your company

A communication tool, both internal and external, detect specific skills: today’s Menteez is the collaborator of tomorrow



A detailed newsletter, customized for the current events of your company

Creation of a scholarship with your company’s name on it!






Mentorship, an innovative tool for professional development







Papyrus reinforces your communication, both inside and outside your company, add value to your brand image


PAPYRUS, video conference platform with direct messages



Communicate, and exchange within your company in an interactive way






Share specific skills by offering courses on this website, anywhere in the world

Develop team spirit and the taste for challenge, stimulate the feeling of belonging to a company and a community

Promote talents within our student community

Papyrus for your HR management?