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Getting Creative About Creativity
By Patrick
If the definition of creativity is “the use of imagination or original ideas” isn’t just about everything creative or a creative expression? Of course, it’s easy to look at movies, art, and fiction and deem it creative. But original thought and imagination isn’t restricted to televisions, books, and paintings and sculptures. Which begs the question, is everything creative, or is nothing creative?
By looking at the structural uniformity of military life, it’s probable most people do not see it as involving creative. But what about battle strategies and techniques. To think neither involves original thought and imagination is unfathomable. Plus, some military strategies and techniques involve a lot of creativity.
Internet University
By Patrick
Of all the fruits bestowed upon us by the almighty internet- like hyper connectivity and endless cat videos- the most important and critical of all has to be the democratization of knowledge and information. Powered by search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and kind of Yahoo!, the access to information has never been easier. And thanks to capitalism, access to purchasing it has never been easier, too (or cheaper). In fact, just about anything you learn in a college class or job field can be learned or accessed through “The Oracle” formerly mentioned as Google. Which begs the question, why even go to college? Because most jobs require it.
Internship myths
By Patrick
Internships. You’ve been told you need one. You’ve been it is a great way to get your foot in the door. You’ve been told it’s a great resumé builder. You’ve been told a lot of things about internships. Unfortunately, a lot of what you’ve been told is wrong. So, when deciding whether or not you should apply for an internship, it’s important to know some lesser known facts that’ll help you better evaluate the pros and cons of taking one. First and foremost, internships aren’t actually proven to help you land a job after graduation. As Jordan Weissman of The Atlantic writes...

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